If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sitting Still

Below is a rare photo of our oldest grandson, Harris.
It is a rarity because he hardly ever sits still like this.  As I was editing photos and came across this one, I wondered what had prompted him to sit there like that.  Then, I saw this next photo...
I remembered that I made the first photo because I thought it was rather funny that he had dragged a chair over next to Mike and climbed up there to sit like Mike.  I wonder what the conversation was that they were having which prompted this cute look of surprise for both of them.
Somehow, I'd bet that one or the other of them was cooking up a little mischief, don't you?
I wouldn't lay odds on which was the instigator and which was going along, though!

Speaking of Harris sitting still...

Earlier this week I had a phone conversation with his dad as I was transitioning from one school to another.  I asked if Harris had been excited about going to school that morning and Bryan shared a tale with me...

The previous evening Harris had misbehaved and been subject to a stern talking-to.  He had popped his mother on the fanny and some other odious crime, I think.  So, following his stern talking-to, Harris climbed up on the couch and was sitting beside his dad.  Bryan knew that this behaviour is not Harris's normal method of operation.  So, he asked him, "What are you doing, buddy?"  Harris responded, "I'm sitting in Time Out."

Bryan thought this was intriguing and dug a little deeper.  Knowing that he nor Harris's mom, Jessica, had never sat Harris in Time Out, Bryan asked, "Where else have you ever sat in Time Out."  Without hesitation, Harris said, "At school."

Bryan thought he should dig a little deeper, still.  "Harris, have you been a bad boy?  Why do you have to sit in Time Out at school?"  Harris's response, "Yes, well, I hit people."

This brought on another stern talking-to.  Plus, a stern reminder before leaving for school (Mother's Day Out) the next morning.

I was chuckling so hard tears were seeping from my eyes as I was listening to the story.  I asked Bryan how he had avoided laughing when all this transpired.  Only to learn, "Well I was furious, Mom.  I mean, we can't have him being bad and going around hitting people!"
C'mon! Look at that face!  Do you think he could be bad?  Grand B certainly doesn't and I don't think Daddy Mike would believe it either.