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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reading as a Pastime

Children tend to play showing what they learn.  I loved getting this picture from Bridgette for so many reasons.  It shows me so many things.

  1. Like most children, Luci is looking forward to the day when she can read.
  2. Luci is read to by her parents and sisters - a lot!
  3. She finds magic in books and wants to share that magic.
  4. She is listening and remembering and that is the first step toward learning to read.
  5. She already understands the concepts of print - reading front to back, direction to hold the book for reading, etc.
What made this photo even sweeter is that Bridgette said she was parroting words she remembered from the book being read to her.  The book is based upon the nursery rhyme, Little Boy Blue.  So, she started off with, "Little boy blue come blow your horn..."  Then progressed to something that was not quite accurate but certainly something to which she can relate when she said, "The cows are in the popcorn."  

Love it!  I wonder if Lydia's baby enjoyed the session as much as I did?