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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Racing and Rolling

A while back my parents gave our two oldest granddaughters these racing scooter things.

Long-legged Lillie figured out how to wheel around on it rather quickly.  Lydia, not as much.  However, with a little time, she figured it out and there are races and scooting round like wild things.

Luci has to get in on the act but her version is just to run, run, run round in circles just as fast as her legs will carry her.

There's racing and rolling and running round when the weather is nice and the grands are together.

See, Lydia even plays the wild child and rolls with a Look! No hands! attitude.

Then, it was time to teach the little cousin to ride the scooter.

Just give him a chance and stand back to let him try it out.

Get him started at the top of the rise and just let him coast downward.

Then, give him a little cheer when he seems to get it.  (Look at his face!)

Maybe he doesn't really need to be watching Lydia for pointers right now.

Then, it's back in the saddle and time to glide down the hill herself.

Of course, she also has to do a little curving and swerving to make it more fun.

Now Harris has a turn with Lydia's scooter.

He learned that going up the hill is a little bit more difficult than coasting downward but little cousin, Luci, gives a helping hand.

I think the teamwork approach might be working!

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