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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Break Time

Working on a project that requires intense physical labor, outside, with the summer sun beaming down, on the hottest day of the year may not be the most fun thing in the world.

Then, when you toss into the mix that the project tends to touch the emotions, a whole new aspect comes along.

After a couple of hours of sorting, and gathering, and arranging tools on wagons, we noticed that the labor force was dwindling a little bit.

So, we glanced over at the shady grave yard where the cooler filled with water bottles was nearby and found it to be somewhat magnetic.
Lynn (one of the owners of Tradition Auction Services) looked at me and said, "I think it is time for the Union Break."
I know this photo snapped by Lillie is a bit blurry but it really shows the heat exhaustion and need for a cold drink of water we all felt.
This image of Bob and Mama shows how we were drooping from the heat.
I also like that this photo includes a vital part of our day - wasp and hornet spray was kept at hand and used frequently!
Lynn also shows how the pecan trees and the Gosey cemetary embraced us as we needed rest and shade and a break from the heat and sun.
Mike, who has worked in the heat of the day for years and more conditioned to it, was ultra- hot as well.
Our clothes were soaked through with the sweat of the morning!
We sat and shared tales and laughter and memories before ambling toward the next stash of tools and equipment and sorting, gathering, and arranging for the sale continued.
On to the next barn...

We are grateful for the patience, guidance, hard work, and expertise of these guys (Bob, Lynn, Roy, and Gerald from Tradition Auctions and Cary, Mom's neighbor).  They made a hot, difficult job move along faster and with purpose while encouraging us to wear a smile.

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