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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Had a Helper

I had a little helper while one of the grands was here for her Days.  I enlisted her assistance to clean and straighten my napkin and placemat stash.  I do hate that I didn't take a BEFORE photo.  There was a jumbled up mess in the lower half of my Granny Cabinet.  Honestly, it sort of looked like I had opened the door to the dryer!

Lillie sat in the floor and pulled out stack after stack and pile after pile of cloth napkins and placemats.
I sat in a nearby chair and sorted and created a give-away pile of those things I rarely use.
Neat stacks of napkins!
Then, we organized and stacked things back inside in a more organized fashion.
Tidy stacks of placemats, napkins, and fingertip towels used for napkins or placemats

Now, I just need somebody to help me sort through, clean out, and organize the junk on the top of the Granny Cabinet!

Bridgette took a few of the things out of the give-away pile.

I took a set of baseball placemats to Harris for his enjoyment.

The rest took a trip to Goodwill (at least a garbage bag full).

A day or so later, I got this photo from Bridgette in a text message along with the message: