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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have become a blog fanatic, I think!  Having the summer off has spoiled me this year.  I get up with Mike and we share breakfast.  After he is out the door to work the salt mines (No, he really does work at a warehouse, but I like that saying.  I wonder if that really is the drudgery that it has always sounded to be?), I sit down with a cup of coffee and sip and surf through my favorite blogs and check out their links and favorite posts and...  Before I know it, I've whiled away quite a bit of time.  I've convinced myself that it is far cheaper than perusing magazines but I'm not so sure if I were to consider the time I've spent lifelessly sitting and staring at my laptop screen.  On the bright side, I've collected some fabulous ideas!  Plus, I've shared them with my family and they have enjoyed them as well.

One of the more simple and fabulous ones I discovered and share is one where cute decor for the door is created out of brown craft paper and paint.  I think the first tutorial I stumbled across and decided I needed to try is found HERE at Calling All Sleepyheads, where she crafted an adorable pumpkin for the door.  Then, I was linked HERE to Melony's Cleverly Creative Girl, where she crafted an adorable flower and several other seasonal pieces.  Don't you just love their simple, cute, eye-popping designs? 

Well, I shared this concept with my daughter, Bridgette, and she certainly ran with it!  She is preparing for a Beach Bash birthday party for five-year-old Lillie.  She wanted some cheap, ahem, large, inexpensive, cute decorations for the party.  This idea appealed to her and this is what she crafted:

Notice how big this guy is!  He covers the entire front door!

Here is another of her cute door decorations:

Are you already swaying to the music and sipping a tropical drink?

This is another cutey:

I'd wear a hula skirt,too, if I thought I'd look this adorable!

I was a little bit intimidated by all Bridgette's success at first but the idea of cheap, affordable and simple projects just overcame me and I had to give it a try. I knew that I wanted something that would be versatile and not just a one time use.  After all, I might find that this project is more difficult than it seems and I certainly want to get my time and money's worth out of it.  My daughter-in-law, Jessica suggested a sunflower.  So, here is my rendition:

I started off with just the flower created with the paints.  Then, after leaving it to dry overnight, I decided to outline the petals with a permanent marker.  I think it really made a big difference.  I'm wondering if I need to get some large cutesy ribbon to hang it with as a better accent.  Hmmm....

Now, I just have to decide where I'm going to hang it.  Should it go on the front door as shown above?

Or should it go on the back door?

Of course, if I decide to put it there, I probably should make a companion for the other door don't you think?

Maybe I should just hang it on the front door.  I like that flip-flop birdhouse hanging in my twig wreath.  Of course, I could hang the birdhouse on the wall and create a couple of big flip-flops for both back doors! 


I think I've got some hangups!