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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Blue & White For Spring

In my opinion, blue and white are the best colors for every season.  So, spring should be no different.  I was quite fortunate to get a little bit of blue and white from my Granny's estate and it is now gracing our spring decor.
When I'm doing some cleaning and clearing out dust, I sometimes think I want to simplify.  Then, as I start to return things to the mantel, I generally decide that I like things the way they are.  So, it all goes back.  I hardly make any changes seasonally there either because I am pretty satisfied.  Sometimes I will add greenery or flowers to the urns/vases there but all-in-all it pretty much stays the same.
The cheerful bunnies hopped onto the hearth for the season.  I also added to the symmetry a bit by adding the blue and white eggs that came from my Granny's.
I just realized that one is nestled up against an illegal advertisement.  Oops!
I'm going to choose ti think the rustic sign is encouraging me to gather all my blue and white spring cheerfulness together there on the mantel!

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