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Sunday, March 29, 2020


We had an absolutely beautiful weekend. The weather was so nice that Mike and I both were outside enjoying it.  He spent most of Saturday on the mower and our place looks pretty much like a well-manicured park.  I spend most of Saturday on the front porch either in the new swing or in the rocker reading a book and virtual meeting with part of our Grands. 

Learned that one of the grands caught a fish!  One of them got recognized by her teacher for completing all of her online work - and she said it was easy stuff and took her hardly any time at all.  Well, that is how I'm reporting it.  She described it a little less flattering but owned up to it not taking her much time to complete and was done with ease and I'll leave it at that.  One of the grands - probably the most talkative and busiest - wore herself down and was asleep by 7 P.M. One of them got to talk on the phone with some of her friends. And another grand was swinging and playing the harmonica.  How blessed are we?!

Mike visited with a couple of the grands by driving up to their yard and watching them a bit but keeping his distance.  He has been itching to see them but certainly doesn't want to take any risks since he is the one who has made the trips to the store to pick up food and supplies like TP.

We saw photos on Instagram of two of the other grands while they were helping their parents by weeding landscape beds. 

Then, today we had another day of sunshine and nice weather.  However, we were shocked to learn that country music singer, Joe Diffie died from complications of this horrible virus.  Evidently he resided right down the road from us.  We saw on one of the social media outlets that people were requested to put a speaker out on their porch this evening and play one of his songs.  Then, saw where they are going to do a tribute for his family asking people to drive down a local street with windows down playing their favorite song.  Small town life!  Gotta love it!

I'm back to providing online support for teachers in our district tomorrow.  I already have on my agenda to work on closed captioning some videos we made last week, responding to any middle school teacher who requests support via a form, mapping out an intro to a couple of online tools for teachers that will be presented in an online, live session Tuesday and Wednesday, and working to create visuals and videos for online professional development workshops.

Hope your weekend was rejuvenating.  Stay home! Stay safe!

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