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Monday, April 6, 2020

Big Stuff!

I am ever so grateful that our children share pictures of what is going on in their lives.  I'm so thankful that they frequently send us videos and pictures to share windows into the lives of our grandchildren.  I think I am ever so much more grateful lately than ever before.

This past week we got some photos which shared some big stuff that is going on in Bryan and his family's life.  While they are somewhat accustomed to being at home more than most folks because Bryan and Jessica both work from home, the break from school and preschool and church and just getting out and about has still been a bit of a strain on them, I think.

Rainy days which keep the littles inside are always tough for children who thrive outdoors.  So, when Jessica sent this photo of Linley with her bowl of pop-pop this week, we couldn't help but laugh out loud.  Mike also said he wished he had a big ole bowl just like that and could sit beside her in front of the TV and munch all afternoon long during a rainy afternoon!  Big stuff for this girl!
Then, at the end of the week when the skies were blue and the temperature was warm, we got photos from Bryan sharing a bit about the fishing trip that he and Harris made, we had another opportunity to smile and enjoy.
I love the serious look on Harris's face and how he is holding his mouth just right to get the job done.  In the moving shot, we could hear Harris say, "Oh Gosh!" and when we saw the fish, we could certainly see why!
It seems like another boy was pretty excited about their haul as well!
After seeing the message below, I really wish I had seen the action shot of Jessica!  I recall a time when she and Bryan were visiting on a football Saturday and Mike fried fish.  She showed us how much she liked fried fish that day and I'll bet she got her fill at this old-fashioned fish fry as well!
Big stuff!

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