If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Compost Consult

My nephew's son - that still seems strange for me to say after all these years of being surrounded by girls in my family except, of course for Bryan.  Since my marriage, though, I've got all sorts of bonus family members - including nephews.  So, my nephew's son, Forest, came for a visit yesterday morning.  He had come to find out where I wanted the load of compost dumped.  (That is one big perk of having a brother-in-law and nephew right next door who operate a dairy farm - cheap fertilizer for my garden!)  Forest knocked on the back door and told me he was here to see where I wanted the compost dumped and to figure out how much to deliver.

He stayed on to visit for about an hour.  We had a good time catching up.  His school's spring break is this week - the same as mine.  We agreed that spring break is a delightful thing to be granted and enjoy.  Forest informed me that he was off from school - well, this is a Monday and he didn't have to go back to school until the next Monday.  When I commented that this was a fabulous thing - having a whole week off, he informed me that he just wished he had four Mondays... 

Somebody is pecking on the back door.  Maybe it is my spring break buddy.  More pearls of wisdom later.