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Thursday, February 19, 2015

No, We Are Not Building An Igloo

It may look like we are stacking up the ice to build an igloo but that isn't the case.  This is what happens when the weather gets cold on the farm.  The water not drunk by the calves that is left in the buckets freezes and has to be dumped each day so that fresh water can be provided to wet their thirsty tongues.

Isn't this an interesting icicle?  I guess the way the shepherd's hook was leaning caused the water to drip off at an angle and the ice just kept building at an angle as it melted.

The ice that was frozen to the table on the back porch melted enough that some of it fell through the holes.  Looks sort of like diamonds on top of the snow doesn't it?

The sun dripping off the gutters fell down onto this plant and it is now a crystallized tree of icicles sitting in a flower pot covered in ice.

On the back porch, the table umbrellas are coated in ice.  It is interesting to me that the water didn't drip off swiftly enough but froze, instead.

I'm guessing that it must have frozen almost on contact in order to coat the umbrella this thoroughly.

Even my garden tool storage mailbox is subject to the winter wonderland conditions.

Makes me shiver just to look at it!