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Saturday, February 21, 2015

What is it about Selfies?

Everybody is making Selfies these days.

Have you noticed?

One of the hot Christmas items this past year was a Selfie stick.

I tried to make a Selfie once to show off my new haircut and it took me at least a half-dozen shots to get one that wouldn't be featured in one of those spoofs called Selfie-Gone-Wrong.

My daughter has told me that at one time she tried to make a photo using her cell phone only to learn that it was full.
Bridgette's Selfie

Upon checking, she saw that it was indeed full - mostly of Selfies made by her oldest daughter who is now eight-years old.
One of Lillie's many Selfies

When she scolded Lillie about taking so many photos using Mama's phone, she suggested that this little photographer use her own tablet or iPod to make Selfies.
Lillie Selfie Collage

That was when she learned that Lillie had already filled up her tablet and iPod by making Selfies and video tutorials about styling her My Little Pony's hair or something like that.
Lydia's Selfie Collage

Selfie making is not limited to the eight-year-old granddaughter.  The five-year-old has to get some practice in, too.  And notice that she is photo-bombed by the eight-year-old (who is probably tutoring her on her technique) and the cute little six-month-old is photo-bombing and doesn't even realize it, yet.
Luci's Selfie (along with Mama and Lydia)

So, we better get her in on the act, too.  We wouldn't want her to miss out on such an important part of popular culture these days.
Harris and GrandB's Selfie

Their cousin is an accomplished member of the Selfie crowd and we had to share the limelight in order to send out a photo of his bruise earned climbing on something.  Pretty impressive, huh?
Harris's Solo Selfie

He thought he'd better get one all by himself without sharing the limelight...just for posterity's sake.
Levi's Selfie Mock-Up

Not to be outdone, the other grandson had to show off his skills, too.  (This one is not really a Selfie but I thought it looked like one!)
Girls Group Selfie

Don't forget that there is also a time when it is important to make a group Selfie as well.  (Notice the silly kissy face that the eldest grandchild is making.  I hope her mother discourages such silliness in future Selfies!)

I was watching television during my snow days and even took in some of the commercials because I wasn't watching a DVR version that I could forward through the commercials.  One commercial was featuring that talk-show host, Ellen, had broken the Internet by using Twitter with her selfie at the Oscars last year.

That started me thinking...

What is it about our culture that has developed such a climate that we constantly take photos of ourselves?

Are we so self-centric that we cannot find another subject interesting enough to focus our eyes upon?

Obviously, I am not the only one who has considered this phenomenon.

Others are probably more intrigued by this concept than even I am.

It seems that folks of every age and every walk of life are into Selfies these days.

Are we so wrapped up in ourselves and what we are doing that we are ignoring the world around us?

So, what is it about using our mobile devices to make photos of ourselves that appeals to people so much?

I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

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