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Sunday, February 15, 2015

What is that beeping?

Mike and I were catching up yesterday.  He was catching up on sleep with a nap.  I was catching up on my email and cleaning out my inbox.  I heard this beeping noise.  Since I recently upgraded my phone, I thought it was some sort of notice.  Because I am not like SOME people and am not married to my phone, I ignored it.

A few minutes later, another beeping.  Again, I ignored.  With the third beeping notice, Mike told me to go find my phone and see who was contacting me - just in case there is an emergency.

I got my phone and did some checking and there were no notifications.  Hmmm...

Then, as I was returning to the den, the beeping began again...and it was coming from the kitchen.

The new fridge has an alarm to let us know that a door is ajar!  How about that?

This is just another feature of our new fridge that I really am thrilled to have.  You may recall that a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that our old fridge stopped working.  Well, I said, Let me just say that and nothing more...  It looked a little bit like this on that morning when the temperatures were well below freezing:

Classy look for the back porch, don't you think?

You might recall that I was telling my daughter about the experience and she had A Word to the Wise.  All our food didn't get out there on the back porch without a fuss.  No.  No it did not.

You see, Mike seemed to think this was my duty.
He seemed to think I should stay home from work.
He seemed to think I should put all the food in coolers in an effort to try and prevent waste.
He seemed to think I should be the one who shopped for a new fridge.
He seemed to think I should be the one who ordered it.
He seemed to think I cared a lot more about the fridge other than that it keep stuff cold than I did.
He seemed not to realize that I was already furious  really angry  pretty mad  quite frustrated that the darn fridge had stopped working.

So, there were...


Not-Nice Words.

...before I stomped  trekked  journeyed quickly downstairs to drag a couple of coolers up to the kitchen.  There might have been some mumbling involved as well.

Then, there were more...


Not-Nice Words.

And, I stormed off  whirled out the door  departed for work.

Then, at about lunchtime I got a call from Mike who told me that he had moved the food from the freezer side of the fridge to a cooler and had done a bit of checking and he thought I needed to call D.T. McCall and Sons and order a new fridge.  The fridge of my choice.  The fridge of my dreams.  The fridge of all fridges.

So, instead of breaking for lunch, I hovered over my computer searching for just that fridge.

Then, I called Mike and asked him for dimensions - to make sure the one I had picked would fit.  After measuring, he called me back to report.  Then, he asked...

"Is it white?"

Of course, it was.  I wanted it to match the cabinets.

"Does it have an ice and water dispenser in the door?"

No, I really don't want that.

"But, I do.  That is a must!"

Silence.  Dead silence.

So, I hung up the phone.
There might have been some mumbling involved.
There also might have been some...


Not-Nice Words.

I called and spoke with a sales representative named Mark.  He was helpful and answered all my questions and took my bank card number and promised next day delivery.

I got home from work that afternoon and cleaned the remainder of the fridge out, salvaging what was salvageable, and putting it into coolers or setting it on the back porch table.

The next afternoon, the new fridge arrived and the two nice young delivery fellows allowed me enough time to suck up the fuzz and dust bunnies and to mop the gunk that was left behind after the old fridge was removed.

Then, there it was!

...all clean and shiny and beautiful...and most important of all...


I spent about a half hour taking out all the Styrofoam and plastic and tape.

Then, I dragged those coolers in off the back porch and placed the food in the clean, shiny, new fridge and freezer compartments.  

I organized it and spent time thinking and deciding where things should go.

I had to think about where that fancy shelf that would slide back and forth for tall items might go.

I had to think about what would go in the top sliding drawer of the freezer and what would go in the bottom drawer of the freezer.

After a couple of weeks, I must say that it is a great fridge.  I like almost everything about it.

The fridge of my our choice.  The fridge of my our dreams.  The fridge of all fridges.

I even like that little beeping noise that means...