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Monday, March 30, 2015

Grass Mowing Season

We have had enough warm weather lately that the grass needed mowing.  Mike took care of that this week.  He cuts his mother's yard as well as ours and that is no small feat - several acres.

I guess it is grass mowing season for our entire family.  It seems we sort of have a thing about keeping the grass looking well.

My dad breaks his multiple acres of mowing up and does it in tracts...for days...marked on the calendar...in rotation.

Mike's son, Stephen, mows the grass surrounding his store, Bonnie's Barnyard, his yard, down the driveway, out the highway, and around the creek.  He and Mike keep it looking like a park around here.

Our son-in-law, Corey, operates his own lawn care business.  He is The Yard Boy and makes not only his own, but also many, many lawns look beautiful.

My son, Bryan, has always had strong interest in grass cutting.  When he was a little boy, his backup plan for a career was to cut the grass on the baseball field.  Then, when he was in college, he got the chance to work for a lawn care business and called me one day when he was cutting a college football or baseball field to inform me he was 'living the dream.'  His focus on making his lawn look beautiful had intensified this spring because they have their house on the market and are hoping to sell and move.

Maybe they all have a little help coming along...

I think the one in our family who seemed most focused on the mechanics of grass cutting this past weekend might have been our eldest grandson.

When he was visiting us, he had to climb up on Mike's mower and check everything out.




He knew that the control handles had to be pulled over in front of the seat to drive it.

He knew the ropes and did his best to master it.

He even knew that wearing the radio/headphones was a big part of the job.

He was intent on getting the job done.

After all, the pride of the family grass moves from generation to generation.
I think ours is in good hands.