If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Monday, March 16, 2015


I've been getting lots of nudges lately trying to inspire me to update, revamp, and embrace spring.

Deb at Lake Girl Paints nudged me so much that I almost dragged out a stash of boards and tried my hand at painting a nest and eggs.  Then, we had an ice storm and it snowed on top of that ice.

Shirley at Housepatality Designs nudged me and made me yearn for warmer days and fresh spring bulbs pushing their happy blooms up out of the ground.  Yet, there were still piles of snow lying around and the sky was grey.

KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms nudged me a bit with simple wreath projects but it was grey and dreary and raining.

Kim at Savvy Southern Style nudged me with her beautiful blue and white as she shared the beginnings of her spring decorating.   However, the rain was still falling and everything was bedraggled and squishy.

Yvonne at StoneGable gave me a little nudge with 10 Easy (and fabulous) Easter Projects.  After all, I am all about easy but it was misting rain and the sky was still grey and there was mud everywhere.

Then, yesterday, a cousin posted a picture of her spring decorations.

Jennifer's bunnies seemed so happy and the colors were so cheerful.

Plus, she posed a question...and I have always been one to offer up an opinion...

"What can I put in the lantern?  Not plastic Easter eggs (did it last year).  Not candle (sick of that).  Ideas??"

So, I suggested something those brilliant nudges had shown me in posts gone by.  I suggested a tea cup African violet, or a pansy, or even a Gerbera daisy.  That little nudge finally propelled me toward wanting to do a bit of a revamp, some spiffing up, spring-i-fying.  So, that is on the agenda.

I'm pondering to try and paint some of those plastic eggs to make them look more realistic.  I'm thinking of changing out the door hangings to new ones I asked Bridgette to craft a while back.  I'm pondering where my own cheerful bunnies are hidden away.  I'm wondering where my own lantern is stashed and maybe I'll get my own tea cup violet for it.  Maybe I will have something cheerful of my own to post tomorrow!

The sunshine brightening up the skies and drying up all this sloshing and squishiness has helped a lot, too.  Thanks Jennifer!  Hope your lantern turns out just as springful and cheery as you dreamt!  Enjoy the sunshine!