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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Recent Project

Not long ago, Bridgette sent me a Pinerest message telling me that it...

"Would be PERFECT on the front porch!"


"I want 1 of these for my birthday!"

My response was the same thing I used to tell her when she was a little girl...

"Save your money!"

Then, February rolls around and I'm wondering what exactly to give her for her birthday...

So, I asked Stephen to bring me one of these:

I went over to Polka Dots and Happy Thoughts and picked up a swirly initial S.

I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some paints and burlap ribbon and last weekend when the weather was warm, I did a bit of a crafting.

First came the polka dots...

I thinned some acrylic craft paint with water and used a wide sponge brush to swirl the paint around on the boards of a pallet.

There wasn't a lot of planning involved.  There was no measuring.  Really!  I just slapped some paint on there and set it off to the side to dry.
My talent really shines, doesn't it?

While the polka-dotted-pallet was drying, I spray-painted the swirly initial S...

Slowly, in short bursts, holding the can about eight to ten inches away from the monogram, I sprayed on a couple of coats of cherry red paint.

While this dried, I worked on another little project that I will share later.  Then, I added a few white swipes across the swirly initial S.

It bothers me a bit because these are not strategically placed to look like highlights - you know, perched on one side or the other...  However, I was trying to follow the inspiration monogram's white swipes and swirls.  So, random became he method of application.

I decided to stray a wee bit from the inspiration model because I found some really cool red-striped burlap ribbon.  So, the bow is just a wee bit different.

Bridgette has it leaned against a tree in her front yard.  I am pretty pleased with my masterpiece.  What do you think?