If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Break!

Tomorrow marks the first day of spring break for me and today has been the first day of sunshine in Lord only knows when.  It has been a great one so far, too!

There are plenty of reasons, in addition to the sunshine, that today has been sunny for me.

1.  The day has been shared with my husband.  Just him and me.
  • I love having company.  I love it when my house is full of voices and laughter and raucous noise that people make when they are gathered together.  I love cooking or assembling food for folks who are visiting.  I don't even mind cleaning up after them when they leave because I can savor the things they said and did and the fellowship we shared.  
  • I also love having our house to ourselves.  I love the quiet of just the two of us.  I love not having to be concerned about having clean towels or clothes draped on the chairs or dropped in the floor.  I love not having to be certain that there is plenty of juice, or coffee, or bread, or toilet paper, or anything.  I love that we can drag around like sloths and not get out of bed till long after the sun rises.  I love that I can stumble around wearing only one of Mike's T-shirts...or even less if I choose.  
2.  I went to the barn this morning and helped Mike with his calves.  
  • I loved petting their fuzzy heads and their damp noses.  I enjoyed holding the bottle for first one and then another to drink his milk.  I was glad to cut the strings on a soft bale of hay and stuff a block or two into the hay net for a couple of those guys.  It was fulfilling to scoop stale, clumpy, dusty feed out of troughs and refill them a scoop of fresh grain.  I loved just watching their freckled noses and soft eyes look at me and bawl because they wanted something to eat.
  • I also love that just the two of us were out there sweating and tromping in the shavings and muck taking care of animals who depend upon us for everything.  The responsibility and teamwork and the nurturing and care that we share for those little fellows left us both feeling a sense of companionship, camaraderie, and accomplishment.  We are working toward a common goal and sharing what we have been taught...and...farming...sort-of.
3.  I got to drink my coffee sitting in my own kitchen.

  • I love to just sit and drink a cup of coffee at leisure in the mornings.  It is heaven to cup my hands around the warmth of my mug and enjoy the beauty around me without having to hustle and hurry and get out the door.  It is a luxury and please know that I am grateful to have it every now and again.
  • I also love that Mike sat right there with me and we chatted and mapped out the day ahead.  We collaborated on what we thought we could get done and what we hoped to get accomplished.  He warned me that this is probably the last morning I could sleep late this week and we had chores to do, but he also indulged me with company and my leisurely cup of java.
4.  I was able to read blogs and window-shop online during the late morning hours.
  • I love to read and dream and gather ideas.  I used to do that with magazines that were passed along from my mother and grandmother.  Now, I do the same thing with blog posts and Pinterest.  
  • I also love collecting recipes.  This morning I was lucky enough to have the Food Network as background noise and no reason to have to jump up and down to finish the laundry so the week would go smoother.  There was nothing pushing me that couldn't wait.  That is also a luxury and one I appreciate.
I love my job and really feel a sense of fulfillment working with teachers and their students.  It is also a treasure to have a bit of time off and some leisure time to catch my breath and spend time with Mike and get my hands dirty and my feet muddy.

Tomorrow, we will be up and at it and we have a long list of chores to do this week but today...ah today was a respite.