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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Late Afternoon Ramblings

Since I've been enjoying the beautiful weather during my spring break, Mike and I have done some afternoon rambling.

Actually, I think that by the time late afternoon rolls round, we are both so pooped from the chores and projects that about all we are good for is to ride around and enjoy the weather and the sights!

One afternoon this week we rambled up the hill and it was just before feeding time for Stephen's goats.  One particular lot housed 20+ babies and I just couldn't resist a bit of play with the camera.  Mike and I just sat and watched and laughed for a few minutes several moments an hour or so.  I've put together some posts which feature these caprines.

They are in all sorts of colors and combinations.  I am in love with this year's crop because they range from white with soft brown spots to mostly brown to brown and black to a rich russet red and white combo.

They sometimes seem to just bounce on one another.  The shot below shows a little one about to pounce on his little friend.
This little fellow seems to be hiding behind the edge of the barn so he can jump out and spook whoever might be coming out the doorway.

One goat in a tub...
...two goats in a tub...
...how many goats can fit in a tub?

The little friend below is a bottle baby.  He was orphaned and Stephen nursed him along with a bottle.

He is ultra-friendly and will follow a person everywhere.  He just kept walking up to me and giving me a shout-out.

There was all sorts of scampering and pouncing and leaping...
...and just some simple running round.

A couple of them climbed into a feed tub and took a brief nap.

They are curious little creatures and completely playful.  They are not picky and each will play with the other without discrimination.
They just wander up to one another and give a little nudge...
...and the next thing you know, they have squared off and are competing with one another head-to-head.
Notice the little fellow in the tub has a front row seat to the competition.
I think the word capricious comes from the word caprine and is based upon the impulsive and whimsical nature of goats!
Ah...late afternoon ramblings with some beautiful late-winter/early-spring scenery and some free enteratinment!