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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Updating Has Begun

I spent a little time during my spring break to do a bit of spring updating after I was inspired.
The French doors at the back of the house got new accessories.

I commissioned new banners from Goody Stuff, my daughter, Bridgette's business.  I simply told her that I liked the monogrammed ones she had crafted for me a couple of years ago but would like something fresh and new.
All three of our back doors now have a fresh look.  The O monogram is white with a black swirl design appliqued onto burlap and embroidered with our last name in royal blue.  I got some quarter-inch dowel rods and Mike cut them to size for me.  I added some little finials and spray painted them with a metallic paint.  Then, I used black and white striped baker's twine to craft a hanger which loops over the wreath hook.  I tied a blue burlap bow atop the burlap ones with black swirls and added a black and white hounds-tooth bow atop that.

On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby I found a metal O that was painted black with white polka-dots on the clearance aisle.  (I'm wishing now that I had bought the other one there, too!)  It now hangs on the porch gate with a blue burlap bow.  I'm thinking the grapevine wreath may have to find a new place soon.  Toby's groomer must have been clairvoyant because she tied a blue kerchief on his neck this time and he coordinates as well!
The doors are nice and welcoming now.  (Well, except for all the dog nose prints on the glass.  That is a little bit gross.)
I decided to stick with the blue and white look but added some cheerful color in the kitchen.  I brought out my hand-made rag-quilted piece as a table runner.
The tureen holds some green paper scrunchy 'grass' and some bright plastic Easter eggs right now.
The blue and white bunny is coseying up to the tureen as if he is he one who is springing everything up.

It isn't done and isn't completely spring here, yet, but there is a start!