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Sunday, June 14, 2015

An All-Day Project

I slept late this morning.

It is my second day of summer break and I needed to sleep late.

It was great!

When I finally wandered into the kitchen at around 9:15, I fired up the stove and started cooking some bacon for breakfast.

Well, after I started the coffee.

First things first.

I decided I'd cook up a little extra bacon for a project.

You see, I usually just ask my Mama to make some dishes because I know she is a FAR better cook than me.

This time, I thought I would give one of her recipes a try.

There were six corn muffins left from last night's take-out dinner from Nana's Diner.  Just enough for a good cornbread salad.

So, after breakfast, I crumbled up the muffins into a dish and set that aside.

Then, I started gathering the other ingredients.

I had some left-over October beans from dinner a couple of nights ago...check.

Then, the phone rang...Mike had started to cut hay and the hay cutter had gotten bogged down in the think undergrowth.  So, I slipped on some shoes and trekked out to give him a hand.

Two hours later, sweat dripping off me, grease all over my hands, and itchy from helping Mike work on the hay cutter, I tromped back into the house.

So, I did a good scrub on my hands, sprayed off the rest of my gritty body, changed clothes, and headed back to the kitchen.

Chopped bell peppers...check.

Sour cream, mayo, Ranch Dressing Mix...check, check, check.

Green onions...nope, but there are some growing out in Mike's little garden.

So, I trekked out there to pull up a few...and climbed up on the tractor to put the power-take-off in gear and help Mike for another half-hour.

Then, back to the house to scrub up my arms and change my sweaty shirt again.

Chopped green onions...check.

Grated Cheese...check.

Whole-kernel corn...nope.  Well, I don't really like that anyway.

Tomatoes...nope.  Well, Mike doesn't really like them in a salad anyway.

Then, I crumbled up the extra bacon I'd fried up this morning, covered the dish, and put it in the fridge to chill.

Wow!  A side dish to go along with the steak Mike plans to grill and it only took me all day!

I'm so glad I made this instead of asking Mama to do it.

(You can find the particulars of the recipe HERE.)