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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Deal! Deal!

I love getting a bargain!

Who doesn't?

The other day it seemed like $10 was my lucky deal price.

I noticed these great cushions for my Granny-lounge-chair were offered up on the local FaceBook Want Ads page for $10 each.  Even though I wasn't crazy about the color, I posted that I'd like one and I wound up getting both for $10.

Deal!  Deal!

They probably will stay this color for the summer because I kind of like the look, coordinates well with my other porch things, and they are in excellent condition.  I can always cover them next year if they fade and have an entirely different new look.

My other $10 deal was found the same way and it wound up making Mike's heart flutter...a great wheel-barrow.  For only $10!  Ours isn't this clean and shiny but it is in great shape and the calves won't care how shiny it is, I'm sure!

Deal!  Deal!

I hope I never have to shop retail again!