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Friday, June 19, 2015


I went to Lillie's last softball game of the season last night.
She was lucky enough to play with a great bunch of little girls this summer.
They played with intensity but they had lots of fun, too.
The coaches were positive, supportive, and firm teachers.
I never heard anybody from her team or from her team's fans say something untoward.
They were always upbeat and affirming.
I think each girl learned a lot about the sport, about being on a team, and had fun at the same time.
(I love how you can see the ball at about knee height, headed toward 1st base!)
I saw Lillie grow and become more responsible for taking care of herself and her stuff.
 I saw her skills and drive improve.
 I saw her attention to instruction and application of knowledge improve.
 I saw her sense of responsibility to the team grow.
 She became more determined.
 She accepted coaching and tried to apply it.
 She worked hard and played hard.
 She had fun and showed good sportsmanship.
 For team photos they all struck a goofy face.
 There was also the number 1 pose as an undefeated team.
The best photos were just showing the girls' smiles and relaxed attitude.
Fun summer memories were made that will be cherished for a lifetime.