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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Birthday Party!

A couple of weeks ago our Lydia celebrated her seventh birthday.  She had an outdoor movie birthday party.  

It was loads of fun!  We roasted hot dogs and made S'mores over an open fire.  There was popcorn for snacking and movie-watching and Bridgette had even made the tops of the cupcakes look like popcorn.
She enjoyed reading each and every card and was especially pleased with the one her friend had made.

She had a big time and certainly got some great gifts!  Some were great surprises but many of the things she had written on her 2016 Birthday Wish List - like a guitar, rings, new rings...
There were bangles and sparkly hair-bobs...
The exact necklace she had requested on that list...
...and books to read, since she likes to read.
It must have been the perfect birthday party because Bridgette found her like this within five minutes of shoo-ing her off to bed!

What a sweet one our girl is!