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Monday, May 30, 2016

Softball Games

Last Saturday was opening day for a couple of our granddaughters' softball teams.
Lydia's team played the early game.  Doesn't this little lefty have style?
She is an eager batter!
The ding of the aluminum bat and down the baseline she went!
Did she make it?
Safe!  And ready to run to second base.
At the ready and watching the next batter!
Leaning in the right direction!
And here she is playing defense.  Doesn't she look like she's going to stop any runner coming home?
Then, it was big sister, Lillie's, turn to play the next game.  Number six plays second base.
Well, at least that is where she stands when her team is playing defense.
Down and ready to catch anything that comes her way!
Coach Corey stands at the dugout gate ready to pass along instruction if it is needed.  Then, when the team is batting, he stands in the coach's box and sends the base runners down the baseline to steal second base!
Deep concentration at the plate because batting is serious business in this league when the girls are pitching for the first year.
Eye on the ball...
...swing of the bat...
...ready to steal the next base!
And there she goes!  Both girls played well.  Lillie's team made it to the championship round before losing a game.
They had a perfect ending to the day, though.