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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Full of Surprises!

One afternoon last week Mike looked up the hill toward our son, Stephen's, house and could see that this was going on.
Levi bouncing and chasing a ball on his trampoline.

So, we just got in the truck and headed up the hill to watch at closer range.  When he saw Mike and Stephen out in the yard together, he sort of wanted to follow along with them.  (After all, what little fellow doesn't really want to follow Daddy and Grandpa?)

So, I decided to try to encourage him to show us his tricks on the trampoline and joined him.  He realized then that his afternoon was full of surprises.
I climbed up into the net with him and bounced on my knees a bit.  Then, acted as if I was worn out and flopped down.  (The act was an easy one for me!)
As expected, he thought that was so funny.
Then, he decided to really bounce around and show us what he liked to do.
He would just run and bounce.
He had such fun!
The entire time his face was full of happiness.
Running, jumping, bouncing...
He would giggle and laugh...
...and bounce some more...
...and watching to make sure Daddy, Mama, and Bay (Grandpa) were watching all his antics.

It is a memory to treasure and we certainly do!