If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stalking the Neighbors

I've been stalking the blue birds who have nested in the decorative birdhouse on our back porch.  I want to capture a photo of them as they flitter and flutter in and out from their nest.  They are a bit too wise for me and recognize that I'm sitting out there armed with my camera.  So, they avoid me and stay away from their nest when I'm sitting as still as possible out there.
In my stalking yesterday I gave up on my little blue friends and aimed my camera out toward the feeders where I captured a sweet little friend perched atop the shepherd's hook holding one of the feeders.
I also captured my knock-out rose as it was bursting into bloom and my hosta as it was spreading it's pretty blue-green foliage.
They were beautiful from every angle and my little ceramic bunny thought so, too.  I also saw something else peeking it's head out and preparing to burst into bloom.
The peonies are just about ready to show their fluttery faces.
The false indigo has a few pretty blue blossoms starting to burst onto the scene.
This succulent, my hens-and-chicks, is showing off lots of cute little chicks.

So, my stalking continues...