If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Last weekend was a wonderfully relaxing celebration of Mother's Day!

On Saturday, we went over to Mom's to cut grass.

One of these guys did quite a bit of cutting but he also took a little time to let the other guy drive the mower on a tour around the flatter parts.

Of course you have to wear the headphone/radio when you are driving the mower.

Then, on Sunday, we went back to Mom's.  Mike did a little bush-hogging of a pasture and I did some playing with the grands.

There was a bit of softball practice for the older girls.

It was really warm and we took some breaks for cool refreshing drinks of water.  Water is of natural interest for little folks and having a couple of bottles with water provided more than an hour of entertainment for little Luci.  She liked sipping a little, pouring the water between bottles, and pouring a bit down the front of her shirt.  Cheap, easy, clean entertainment for a little one on a hot day.

Then, on Tuesday Levi and Easton came by our house and spent an hour or so romping and playing with me on the back porch.  Of course, I was having so much fun that I never went inside and got the camera.  Big fail on my part.  We did have loads of fun, though!