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Monday, May 16, 2016

Mom's Flower Therapy

While we were at Mom's last weekend, I wandered round noticing how so many of her flowers were at the height of their blooms.  Here is the little spot wherre she had sent me a quick shot last week and I used the waterlogue app on it.
Some of the peonies were starting to fade but they were still full and glowing alongside some Dutch Iris, two-toned Iris, and Knock-out Roses.
On the other side of the gate are a few soft pink peonies mixed in and the vision is just too beautiful to me with all three of my favorite colors of flowers growing in abundance.
This pretty Iris partner set was growing along the side fence near the red house (a storage shed).
With the plank fence and the tool shed as a backdrop, her Red Hot Poker bloms were certainly warming up the side yard as well.  Look at that yellow Iris that was also a ray of sunshine.
Just a couple of days before there was a soft blue Iris that was mingled amongst these warm flowers and a bloom or two can still be seen in the background.
On around the corner of the carport were several Poppies.  They were so heavy with blooms that some had tipped over onto the ground but this frilly lady and her companion pod looks like a seed packet advertisement to me.
The original seeds for these Poppies came from my grandmother and Mom has kept them perpetually re-seeding and growing year-after-year.
Their frilly blossoms look like happiness and brilliance to me!
Mom's roses are starting their first full blooms and this one is one of my favorites.  I love pink flowers and the different shades that this rose holds looks like perfection to me.
These Knock-out Roses brighten up the picket fence that surrounds the heating and cooling unit and they have Day Lilies that grow as a skirt around them.  The Day Lilies haven't started blooming as yet but when they do a bit later in the summer, the whole area is alive with color.
At the gate-post she also has some Coral Bells and they were full of blooms.  Their soft feather stalks of blooms looked beautiful with the peony backdrop.
Mom's therapy has always been to dig in the dirt and nurture her flowers.  She grows perinnials so that she doesn't have to replenish her beds each year and can just mulch where needed, deadhead, and also has flowers to share with family and friends.
I think here years of hard work have paid off in many ways - she's grown a peaceful hobby that brings her and others lots of joy!

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