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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My friend, Angela, and I ran across some bargains this week.  We stopped in to Hobby Lobby to get me some fabric.  Lillie had informed me that she might need some pants like Jessie's (of Toy Story fame).  Lillie seems to think that she might want to be a cowgirl when she grows up.  So, of course, she would need pants like Jessie's, her favorite cowgirl!  The cow-spotted treasures turned out not to be such a bargain but I did get by with less than I first discovered. 

A pattern for chaps was going to cost me upwards of $12.  So, I bought a pajama pattern and adapted it as best I could.  The 'Jessie pants' turned out cute but you will have to wait to see them because I want at least a little bit of a surprise for the birthday party!  I'll try to get pictures and post more about this project later.

Angela and I found other bargains galore, though!  One of the treasures that Angela discovered and scarfed up is a simple wall hanging/sign.  Here is how it looked when she walked out of Hobby Lobby with it:

It is cute and might look nice in western decor somewhere near the front or back door or perhaps on the porch.  But, for a cowgirl, it would make a great statement piece, Angela thought.  Since the plaque was only $1.30.  She decided Lillie needed it.  So, she adapted the simple steps Suzanne over at Just Another Hangup spells out in her Plaque Attack tutorial found HERE.  The finished product looks like this:

Didn't it turn out cute?

Angela and I found a couple of more bargains and I got something to mimic another of Suzanne's great ideas.  You'll just have to wait for more info on these, though.  I want to have a finished product to share first!