If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Taking Southern A Bit Too Far

I know that here in The South we elevate ourselves and think we are better.  Most of the time I'm alright with that.  However, in the little burg where I live and in the county this burg is within, there are codes and rules and forms and commissions for everything.  Why the interstate people had to brick a bridge at one place and lay rocks at another!  The TGI Friday's almost didn't get to have its trademark red and white awning because the shade of red was too garish.  Our local discount store is a brick building.  None of this less expensive metal and concrete stuff will be tolerated here. 

I know that we have encouraged these sort of regulations and limitations and sanctioned them all in the name of preservation and small town life.  However, sometimes that seems a bit excessive to me. 

The think is, the other day I noticed another Southernism and I wondered if we were just taking things a bit too far.  You know how we say dah-ling and shugah instead of darling and sugar?  Well look at this:

Really?  Isn't this a bit much even for us die-hard southerners?

I was snickering about this and mentioned it when I went into the store (See that pretty brick building in the background?) to get my batteries.  As it turns out, evidently the mounting for the letter R must not have been done with quality and a recent wind storm had blown it off.  So, they are waiting for the repair crew to come.  I wonder if they will put an R back up or if they will go with an H.  We are here in the south aren't we brothahs and sistahs?