If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Much

Do you ever have those days where you start out doing one thing and drift into another and then move on to yet another...

Today has been one of those days for me.  After a peachy day yesterday (you can find out about that HERE), I awakened rather droopy this morning.  I breakfasted the hubby and sent him off to the salt mines, finished my last bite of honey-toasted O's and blueberries (the antioxidants in them are supposed to help with an aging mind), and crawled back into bed for another hour.

Maybe I was just procrastinating because I knew that today was going to be a day of cleaning and reclaiming this house from the stickiness of peach-puttin'-up, weekend of not sweeping and running in-and-out, and just-general-yuckiness-of-two-messy-people.  At any rate, when I did manage to get this old body tugged into an upright position, I quickly began stirring round to get some straightening and cleaning done.  I shrugged into some clothes and started a pot of coffee hoping that it would put some octane in my tank and give me a push.  I gathered up clothes for a load of laundry and noticed that sweet hubby had just left his pants from yesterday in the floor.  So, I scooped them up and scurried to the washer only finding that it still had wet kitchen towels and cloths that I was too tired to transfer to the dryer last night before I went to bed.  So, I dropped my dirty load in the floor and flung open the dryer door only to find some undies and socks lying there begging to be folded and put away. 

I reached in and gathered them up to plop on the bed for folding.  However, the bed had not been made, yet.  So, I flung the sheet and coverlet up to be straightened after folding the clothes and went back to the washer.  After transferring the wet load into the dryer and getting it rotating, I deposited the dirty load into the washer and got it sloshing.  I heard the coffee pot gurgling and decided that a cup would get me on track and focused; so, I headed to the kitchen.  My favorite cup was in the dishwasher, so I opened it up and snatched out my mug.  I decided that I could multitask by unloading the dishwasher while I sipped my coffee.  In the meantime I got a text message from my daughter-in-law filling me in about funeral arrangements for her grandmother.  So, I paused to call the hubby, my folks, and my daughter to let them begin planning their schedules for a trek to West Tennessee. 

While I was phone chatting, I noticed that God had dried the clean pots and canning supplies I'd left in the sink last night and began putting them away as I continued to sip my coffee.  The breakfast dishes were on the counter and I just ran a sink full of soapy water and began to wash them in order to clear off the counter.  I decided to give all the counters another swipe with the dish cloth and wipe down the cabinets around the stove to wash away any splatters that I didn't notice last night after I finished up my pie filling preparations.  Another cup of coffee was poured and I heard the beeping of the dryer.  So, off to the laundry room I trekked.

I scooped out the kitchen towels and cloths and headed to my bed to fold them where I discovered the unfolded undies and socks plopped on the unmade bed!  So, I quickly smoothed out the bed sheets and coverlet and began folding the two loads of laundry.  As I carried the socks to stow in the dresser drawer, I noticed all this and more on the floor where sweet hubby's pants had been. 

(Did he drive a tractor in here last night or something?  How does this much dirt get into the house?)  So, I headed back to the laundry area to get a broom and noticed that I hadn't put the wet load in the dryer.  Into the dryer they went and I picked up the kitchen towel that I'd dropped.  I detoured to the bedroom long enough to scoop up the other kitchen cloths and turned to put them all away.

That is when I almost tripped over the open dishwasher door.  So, I tucked the kitchen cloths away and turned around and began emptying the dishwasher.  When I finished this chore, I noticed that the breakfast dishes were dry there in the sink and put them away, too.  I also noticed that I hadn't remembered to wash the coffee pot and that the enamelware things my mother-in-law had given me on Saturday were still on the back porch.  So, I turned on the water to get another sink of soapy wash water going.  I had a couple of extra jars in the dishwasher and gathered them up to put back into the cabinet above the dryer.  When I got there I had to put the broom and dustpan back over to the side of the washer and wondered why I had left them there. 

I zipped out that door onto the back porch to get the enamelware and brought it in to deposit it in the sink of wash water.  Looking up at the clock, I realized why my stomach was grumbling and went to the fridge.  I got out the leftover chicken breast from Sunday's dinner, put it on a plate, and zapped it into the microwave.  Noticing a couple of extra jar rings on the counter there, I knew that I'd better put them with the other extras so I could keep everything together for the next canning session.  When I heard the microwave timer beeping and came back into the kitchen, this is what I saw...


I took a deep breath and sat down to eat my lunch and regroup.  Feeling more focused and sustained, I washed up the dishes in the sink and my luncheon plate.  Then, I heard the dryer timer beeping and went to get the load of laundry out to be folded.  I took the clothes in and plopped them on the bed and turned to get some hangers when I noticed the trail of dirt on the floor.  How could that be?  I thought I'd already swept that up!  (Are those blueberry antioxidants really helping?!)

So, I just decided I'd better get myself a glass of lemonade, sit down for a minute, and try to collect myself.  Now, I have a list of things to finish and get accomplished before hubby comes in and says, "What did you do today?"  (I hate it when my response is a perplexed look and I'm wondering what to say to that question.)

Do you ever have days like this?