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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fresh Foods

We LOVE fresh foods here at our household!
Mike and I both have a passion for growing things and gardening is something we share.  He doesn't really understand why I spend so much time on flowers when it isn't something that is edible.  I maintain that flowers are food for the soul.  My flowers are realy suffering from having so many days in the high ninety degree range and no rain.  The good news is that our late garden vegetables are starting to bear fruit!

There is nothing tastier than fresh veggies!

Last summer Mike and I nearly killed ourselves with growing a HUGE garden.  My back has never hurt so bad as when I picked all those green beans and squash!  So, this year we decided to scale back.  We still love the fresh foods - especially the produce.  So, that meant we would have to visit the farmer's market, pay more at the supermarket, or visit a local grower.  On Sunday we took a trip to the Anderson's in Rockvale, a local truck/produce farmer.  We found a good buy on green beans, got some potatoes, onions, peppers, and these lovely eggplant. 

When Mike and I first started dating, he had a couple of eggplants and asked me to cook them.  Well, I had never cooked them before and had no idea what I was doing.  The recipe that I found for eggplant parmesan required that I sweat out the slices, batter and fry them, and then prepare the casserole.  Well, let me tell you, that is for the birds!  The casserole tasted yummy but it sure was a long process and a lot of trouble!

The other day I ran across a recipe that I have adapted a bit to suit my tastes and we think it tastes just as yummy as the multi-step, long process recipe did.  You can find the recipe HERE.

(By the way, don't those eggplant look beautiful sitting on my new dish cloth crocheted by my brilliant daughter?  Thanks, Bridgette!)