If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Why is it that I hate change so much?  Is it the fear of the unknown? 

When I married and moved here with Mike, I decided I need a local person to cut my hair instead of driving over a half-hour to the girl who had been cutting it for several years.  (I had gone to her only after the previous stylist closed up shop and I was forced to find somebody new.)  At the time, my thoughts were that I needed to find somebody local 'fit in' to this small town.  As it turned out, I got one of the best hair cuts that I've ever had and the salon was less than ten minutes from my new home!

I got my hair cut at the local salon for the last time today.  The girls who have been running the place for years have decided to close up shop.  The girl who cuts my hair has decided to work from her home - about an hour away.  Her daughter is starting school and she wants to be closer to home for the youngster's sake.  I don't blame her and am glad she has the opportunity to work from the salon she has built at her home.  However, after a little over a year of getting wonderful haircuts at a convenient shop near my home, I'm searching for somebody new to trust with my locks.

What is it about our hair that we feel like we need to have it just so?  Why are we so picky about it?  Is it that old 'crowning glory' thing?  Anyway, next month I'll probably have a different look - probably not really because I want something fresh and new.  It'll just be because I am trying out somebody new with the shears and I'll wind up looking different.  Maybe it will even be fresh, new, and better!