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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Crafting and Parenting Through Generations

Before the children headed back to school, Bridgette took some time to teach them a craft or two.
They crafted delicious smelling oranges with cloves on that day.

Sometimes she parents kind of like she was parented.

Her parent sometimes parented like she was parented, too.

At times there was intense concentration.

And at times the movie Rocky was more riveting.

I can remember drawing a line or etching a line on the peel to make it easier to dig those cloves into the orange peel and forming designs.

And at times we would just poke the end of the clove in at random and see what turned out.

I think this is certainly a planned design and really no surprise considering the crafter.

The smell was heavenly and I'm wishing I had some oranges and cloves right this minute!

Parenting and crafting traditions down through the generations can be wonderful at times.

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