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Sunday, January 17, 2016


It is always interesting to see which things turn out to be hits with children when it comes to their gifts.

For certain this one was a hit from the beginning.  Bonnie says that Levi takes it back and forth from home to the store every day because it is such a favorite.  Funny about the men in this family and their towmotors - they seem to really love them!
Bridgette says the girls wallow round on their bean bag cubes on a daily basis.  I'm certainly glad my hunch that they would turn out to be fun, comfy perches turned out to be correct.
Bridgette also says that if Santa had only known how much fun pushing this vacuum around would be, he probably would have bought this little cleaner-upper one that really sucked up dirt!
Mike and I worried that Harris would be afraid of this gift from Santa even though she was requested and hoped for but the recipient truly looks like he is enamored with her on Christmas morning doesn't he?
Don't they seem to be checking one another out while sitting in this big old chair?
Of course, what's not to love about a face like that?
Or a sweet look like that?  Bryan says they still run and ramble and play together constantly.  So, I guess Hope is just what that little man hoped for, huh?
It is always great to see them play with wholesome toys and enjoy traditional play.
Of course, it is always easy to please this one so long as she gets something relating to a horse!
This long, tall Sally was worried that the certificates for her riding lessons were going to expire before she gets to take advantage of them.  She was so worried that her mother finally called and talked to the riding teacher to get confirmation that they would be good at least through the summer!
I also love it when I see that they enjoy reading and being read to.  That is one thing nobody will ever be able to take away from a person and experiences which help them travel to multiple locales and stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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