If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Random Tuesday

I learned a few things this week.

Well, maybe I learned some things and came to realize a few others.

We had a little video chat with our eldest grandson this week.  It started out with me feeling the need to touch base and see the cute little mite.  Harris and I were catching up and he was filling me in about his school (mother's day out) and his puppy.  Then, Mike happened to stroll behind me within the phone's camera range and all of a sudden I was unimportant.

Forget whatever we were talking about.

Harris said, "Whatcha doin' Mike?" And I suddenly became just the phone holder.  They had a chat about calves or tractors or something.  Then, Harris informed Mike that, "I got Hope.  She's in the shop." And he wanted to see Toby.  So, I had to adjust the camera range while Mike held Toby just so and Toby took center stage.  Then, like most two-and-a-half-year-old boys, Harris was dashing off and wiggling on the couch and his mother and I were left to catch up on what had been going on in our worlds.

Then, I was editing photos for posting to this blog and noticed this one:
I noticed how Mike was trying to keep Luci's wiggly little self safe in the chair and prevent her from falling or bonking her head.
And with this one, I noticed how they both enjoy acting silly together and teasing one another.
And I realized what a loving happy grandfather he is to all our little ones and how they love him right back.

I saw this article about American Girl Dolls and thought I should learn a bit more about them since Lydia just got a new one and I know that those girls have several in their house.  I didn't realize that the dolls had changed since Mattel had bought out Pleasant Company, the American Girl Doll company.  My daughter, Bridgette, was given several of the early dolls back when Pleasant Rowland still had it as a mail-order company.  Now, her girls have those dolls as well as one or two of their own.

I also learned that Julia Roberts has produced several movies based upon the American Girl books.

I learned several things at work about using Google Forms and Google Slides even though I have been using those tools for at least five years. I think any educator who isn't using the Google Apps for Education suite and encouraging students to do so is missing out - big time!

In other random learnings/realizations...

I was intrigued by this picture of sheep in the pasture.

I was inspired to breathe deeply in a breathless world.

I'm thinking of either joining a writer's group or forming one of my own.

I saw this viral video for clearing your lawn of leaves without a leaf blower.  I guess this works well for a city lawn.  However, when my husband normally mows about five acres of lawn where there are oaks and maples in abundance, I think he would just laugh if I showed him the video, don't you?