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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Life on a farm is no fun when the weather is cold, freezing, and snowy.  The animals need more feed because they burn more energy trying to stay warm.  Their water freezes and they are dependent upon us to break the ice and provide fresh water.  So, out to the barn I went on a snow day to keep this guy company and give him a helping hand.

I was told to bring him a broom and then get into the truck and wait for him.  So, I did.

He swept and scraped and brushed the entire truck off..

... while I sat inside and watched.

Then, I rode alongside him as we trekked...

...over hill...

...and curve

to get to my parents' place.

He remembered to stop at the mailbox to get the paper and see if the postman had run.  Then, we crept up the hill to the barn to check on the boys.

They were waiting at the fence in expectation and seemed quite happy to see us.
Isn't that a happy face?
We gave them some grain, checked their water supply, (They are lucky and have a heated waterer from the days when we operated a dairy farm there.) and gave them a good inspection to make sure they were weathering the cold, freezing, snowy day.
Happy times two!

We stopped in at the house to check on Mom and Daddy.

Finding them snug and toasty, we headed back over hill and curve to our house.  And when we arrived there, we fed, and watered, and inspected Mike's calves before tracking half-a-snowman into the house on our boots and clothes where little puddles of muddy water formed before I could even get my boots in the boot tray.

The snow never even let up.  It kept blowing and falling and covering all day long.

The roads got nastier looking. (This is at almost the same spot as the first road shot above after only a couple of hours!)

And the snow kept falling.  So, the next day was a repeat all over again.

Not fun in my estimation.  Glad to have the opportunity, though!

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