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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bringing Smiles to our Faces

Since Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is rearing its ugly head in my Daddy's life, we have been holding on to some of the moments and cherishing them.  Sometimes the oxygen deprivation interferes with Daddy's thinking and things are a bit muddled for him.  It isn't all bad, though.  Sometimes it brings a smile to our face.

Earlier this week, on the day before Daddy came home from the hospital, I went to visit Daddy.  As I was pulling into the parking area, I noticed that the HOT light was on in the window of the Krispy Kreme directly across the street.  Yum!  So, I pulled through and got a treat for Daddy. (and me!) 

When I arrived, Mom had gone home to shower and freshen up before spending the night there.  Daddy was napping when I entered his room.  So, I waited quietly for a bit.  Daddy awoke and immediately began wondering where Mom was and when she would return.  I offered him a donut and he almost inhaled one.

We chatted for a bit and again Daddy wondered where Mom could be.  The time passed and I finally offered to order Daddy's dinner.  

Me: Daddy, what do you want to order for dinner?

Daddy: (Eating another donut) Read me that menu.

Me: (I read every...single...option.) What do you think you want?

Daddy: (Popping grapes in his mouth like eating popcorn at a movie theatre)  I'm not sure.  I've about had enough of sweets, though. (and began nibbling some grapes)

Me: Well what did you have for lunch? (I was thinking that we would shoot for variety.  So, if he had chicken, we might get beef or pork.)

Daddy: Chicken... (Then, he opened his flip phone and began dialing.)

Me: Daddy, who are you calling?

Daddy: Your Mama.  To ask her what I had for lunch because I cannot remember.  Hey, honey.  What did I have for lunch?  Chicken...chips...jello, I don't really want any more of that jello...chocolate ice cream...what?  OK.  See you in a little while. (and he eats another grape)

Me: OK.  What do you want for dinner?  

Daddy: Well, I've about had enough sweets.  I think I want some more of those chicken strips.  They were pretty good.  And some potato chips might be good.  No more of that jello, though.  I've about had enough sweets. (down goes another grape)  I think I'd like to have a vegetable.  What sort of vegetables are on that menu?

Me: (I read every...single...vegetable...again.)  What do you think, Daddy?

Daddy: I'm not sure. (in goes another grape)  

Me:  Do you want some bread?  They have cornbread, rolls, Texas toast.

Daddy: I'd like a roll...and some dessert...maybe some more of that chocolate ice cream. (pops another grape in his mouth)

Me: OK.  Is that it?

Daddy: Let me see that menu....OK.  I think I want some of those green beans. (and eats a couple more grapes)

I called the cafeteria to order and was put on hold for a couple of minutes.  Then, I ordered...

Me: I'd like to order my Daddy's dinner.  He would like chicken strips, potato chips, green beans, a dinner roll, and chocolate ice cream.  

I pushed the button to hang up the phone.

Daddy: Aw shoot!  I wish I'd told you to order me some of that jello!