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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Who's Sitting Who?

Today is Bridgette's day at Mom and Daddy's.  (The children are taking turns spending time over there to give Daddy some company and help Mom get some rest.)

Bridgette messaged me last night to let me know that Lillie, who is on spring break from school, is going along to keep the folks company today.  Last night she packed a bag of things to take for her 'babysitting' adventure.  She included a picture book, a jigsaw puzzle, a card game, and her tablet or iPod.  I guess she knows what works!

I got a message from Bridgette shortly after her arrival letting me know that the folks had a long night.  It seems Daddy got choked and vomited and his oxygen deprivation is causing more addled thinking and thus things are somewhat a circus.

Daddy repeatedly says he is ready to go home or that he is ready to go to Gosey Hill Road...and he is there...and he has been there for over a month since his release from the hospital in late February.

Mom gets frustrated trying to convince him that he is already home and trying to get him to relax.  Hospice has prescribed a new med to help him relax and that seems to help some.

Shortly after Bridgette's concerned message, she sent me this:
Bridgette said Daddy was taking the book in and discussing it with Lillie.  From the looks of things, I'm wondering who is getting more out of the shared time.

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