If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Random Ramblings Volume 5

I've been on spring break this week.  It has been wonderful to have a break from the responsibilities of work!

I've been preoccupied and haven't really accomplished much while I've been on break, though.  I sometimes wonder if Daddy's disease isn't taking over my brain.  I am losing my words.  Several times I have been talking and a word just will not come to my tongue.  For example, I was telling my sister about Mike getting shots in his knees and I could not for the life of me pull up the word cortisone.  The scary thing is that isn't the first or only time lately that I cannot recall a simple, ordinary, everyday word.

I have a hard time focusing on things.  I cannot read for very long periods of time and comprehend what I have read - that is if I stay awake long enough to read more than a page.  My thoughts flutter hither and yon.

I think maybe I've been shuffling random thoughts like Daddy did yesterday morning...

He was fixated on dairying.  He asked me how many cows were left in the holding pen.  I just glibly said, "Oh, a full batch." Then, he asked, "What about that cow off to herself?"  I told him I would check on her.  Only a moment later, he asked what I was going to do about that cow off to herself.  Then, before I could respond, he asked me, "Where is your Mama?"  I replied, "She is sitting over there in that chair.  Why what do you want her to do?"  To which he responded, "Oh, you may as well turn her out with those other cows I guess."  See? A bit shuffled and random...Since my brain has been operating on shuffle and randomness has ruled, today's post has a random focus, too.

First up, let me ask you...

Did you know that "the most infamous body in the world" is changing?  Check out just how she is evolving and why that is a good thing.

With this short little article, I learned

  • every single one created since the year before I was born will interlock
  • that I am above average on something
  • the company producing them is ultra-efficient
  • they would be the world's largest population
  • they are the world's largest manufacturer of wheels
I was a little bit alarmed when I saw the headline.  After all, this is Lillie's favorite candy.  But after reading this article, I can rest easy - and even anticipate the wonderfulness of change.

I found out that not only can you visit it but you can also go camping in an enchanting southern town that was built for a movie but never torn down.  How about that?  I love the idea that nobody wears shoes there!

I think maybe I'd like to try taking this kind of vacation sometime.  I wonder what I'd learn about my hometown?

While I did this every day this week during break, I didn't really agree with Ben Franklin.

Ann made this look easy enough that I think I'm going to try it!

I found that once again I agree with Maria.  I think the last statement is truly one that I need to post where I see it more often and really think about it.

There are some of my random thoughts for this week.  Do you have some to share?