If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Twists and Turns

Sometimes conversations can take interesting twists and turns and can be quite entertaining.  These days we are finding this fact out in an unusual way.  As I've mentioned before, sometimes due to oxygen deprivation, Daddy's conversations get a little tangled.

We had just one of those conversations last week.

Now, first, let me tell you that everybody who knows my husband, Mike, knows that he is NEVER in a hurry.  He always pokes along no matter what.  So, that being said...this is how the conversation ensued...

Daddy noticed out the window that there was somebody mowing.  I told him that it was Mike mowing along the driveway.  He was surprised and said, "Well, I didn't ask him to do that." Then, after a long pause, "I didn't tell him not to, either," and he shrugged.

Bryan and I were taking Daddy on a tour to provide him with an opportunity to see things he had been missing due to being tethered to his oxygen machine and weather constraints.  As we were touring his farm, we met Mike, who was mowing alongside the driveway.  Mike was poking along more than usual because this was an area he hadn't cut before and was unsure about the location of rocks.  Bryan pointed at Mike and Mike pointed at Daddy and Daddy exclaimed, "He is going W-I-D-E open!"  Bryan's eyes met mine in the rear-view mirror and we both burst out laughing.

Later in the afternoon, Jim, a young friend of Daddy's came by for a visit and mentioned that he thought Mike and Bryan were doing a nice job grooming the place and getting the grass cut and Daddy informed him, "Yeah.  I think they are cutting it a little shorter than I would but it looks pretty good."  Mom and I burst out laughing this time before we explained to Jim that they had raised the deck on the mowers at least two inches!

Then, just before dark, Mom got a phone call and we overheard her saying, "Let me jot down your phone number..."  Daddy looked at me and informed me that the caller, "must be a new customer."  I asked him what kind of customer and he wasn't sure.  Then, he offered, "Maybe she is going to cut the grass next time!"  I chuckled and said, "I guarantee you one thing...she won't do it to suit!"  To which he agreed, "I know it.  I have cut this grass for years and your Mama always fusses about something - too short, too tall, grass in the flower beds...There's just no suiting her!"

See, just a little twist and turn and the entire perspective is different!