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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Outdoor Adventure

I love that our grandchildren are showing us the world.  They see so many things we have overlooked due to our age.

Last week when we went up the hill late in the afternoon, Levi took the time to show Mike and me some mud puddles and spent a little time passing the basketball.  He also gave Mike a tour of the hilltop - even the areas that his mother didn't really want him exploring but Mike was willing to follow unhindered.  The adventure was so fast paced that I couldn't keep up to even make photos with my phone!

Recently, I got a series of photos and a message from Harris's mother describing an outing with him:

She said, "This morning we grabbed a bag and went to find treasures."
"I saw on a blog post 10 things to do with a toddler...
"One was a scavenger hunt, but I simplified things and just made it a treasure hunt."
"In the bag are the things a 2-year-old thinks are treasures."
"Notice the two sticks in his hands like he is hiking Mt. Everest." ☺️
"...and of course we had to stop for a potty break!"
"Thought you would enjoy this!"
Yep! I did enjoy seeing this boy and his outdoor adventure.

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