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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tribute to My Daddy

Honestly, yesterday was an unbelievable tribute to my Daddy.  After standing with a line of folks facing us for about seven hours on Tuesday evening, we arrived at the chapel yesterday morning braced for the hardest day we had faced in our lives.

Oh, the folks at Williamson Memorial Gardens are probably the very best in their business and support people in ways nobody can even imagine are possible.  But, at a bit before ten o'clock in the morning, we were already facing a fairly full chapel and a long line of folks who were there to pay respect to my Daddy.  Nobody could stand in for us.  Nobody could relate to the things those friends, neighbors, and acquaintences shared except us.  So, braced we were and we faced them with our strongest emotions and backbones - an example was modeled by my mother and we followed suit to the best of our ability.

We cannot express our love, appreciation, and overwhelming gratefulness to folks for all they have said, all they have done, and all they have lifted up for us.  So, today, I'm sharing links...

The Photo Video The 'backbone' of the photos came from a set put together for Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding anniversary.  Then, the entire family began contributing by sending images via text, email or Google+.  Yep.  They did.  I think I got the last stream of images at about 1:40 A.M.  We all loved those smiling images of Daddy and some of the great poses/hairstyles apparantly.

Obit Daddy began compiling this the day after he got home from his last hospital stay.  He asked Mom for a clipboard, paper, and pencil - he was old-school and stood by it till the end...but it worked for him.  After he tired from the effort of all that thinking and writing, he asked Mom to come sit beside him and he talked her through the things that were important to include.  From that clipboard, I compiled that and other information to create a draft.  Then, we revised and edited to suit my teacher needs - at least to deadline draft stage.

Contribute and add a Story After the service, we visted with friends and extended family and shared fellowship and delicious food provided by the community and served up by the ladies of Epworth United Methodist Church.  Then, we gathered at Mom's house and worked through the many plants and flowers to see who sent them and parcel them out to our different households.  After that, we went through the guest register and shared stories we heard and learned from the visitors about Daddy.  So, please, please if you would, contribute your story by clicking on the link at the beginning of this paragraph or add in the response section of my blog below.

Again, we are so grateful for your support through this experience.  Please continue to remember Mama (and us) for a while because we are going to have to find our way in the world without Daddy bouncing along in front of us with his Pepsi expecting us to keep up and (read his mind at times) soldier on in this world.  So, reach out and pop in on us - we will need it.