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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Random Saturday Morning

I was talking to a co-worker the other day and we were sharing stories and grousing and - well - honestly bragging about things that only a couple of women who have weathered through:

  • the breakup of a marriage after learning that their husbands were liars and cheaters
  • living as a single woman while raising children and developing a career
  • found a wonderful man and started a new life
  • become a bonus mother to children we didn't raise but still love unmeasurably
  • recognize that we are flawed but try our hardest to be Good Women
  • recognize our spouses are flawed but are really fabulous in spite of it
  • have a passion for teaching and learning but struggle with the ignorance involved in reforming a public education system we know could be second-to-none
  • have parents with health issues
  • working together alongside six other women in one room
  • family
She shared how her bonus daughter is a wonderful young woman but needs to wake up and grow up and face up to some things...and I shared a couple of similar ideas.  I shared how my husband is wonderful but doesn't really realize it and wear it proudly.  She shared how her husband is so organized and focused and thorough with some things and then is oblivious to some things right under his nose.  We talked about our flaws and how we try so hard to keep our less-than-perfect selves under control and far too often fail.  We updated one another on all the news that is news and groused about the silliness and craziness that is going on in our world today.  Then, we parted ways and re-joined the hustle and bustle of the lives we live.

My conversation with Renee made me realize that having strong women-friends like her is what bolsters us up and keeps us going when the going is a bit rocky and the soles of our shoes are thin.  So, that sort of set the stage for today's blog post of a random nature.  The same random nature that our conversation meandered through...

This post made me want to rush out and buy a tube of lipstick for my daughter and daughters-in-law!  Now, I have never noticed any of them wearing lipstick of any color or name.  I think they may smear on a dab of gloss or something every now and again.  So, maybe the tube of lipstick wouldn't be for them to wear exactly.  Maybe it would just be there to be in that little zipper pocket on the side of the inside of their purse with the emory board and a band-aid or two.  It might even wallow around in the bottom with a couple of ink pens, a fast-food receipt, a matchbox car, a half-a-pack of gum, a kid's meal prize, and a petrified French fry only to be discovered when digging for their keys.  Then, it would remind them not to get lost in the demands of the children and the desires of the husband and the needs of the family and the guilt of wanting to be a Good Woman and they will Speak Louder.

I saw this post and realized that I could do something like that and maybe, just maybe I need to have a feather to tickle me a little bit.

I decided that I am just letting that front bedroom with my Granny's quilt simmer.  I'm not indecisive.  I'm not frustrated because I cannot find the perfect fabric for a bed skirt and window treatment and pillow shams.  I'm just letting it simmer.

I saw another addition of buffalo checks into Kim's life and determined that I WILL add buffalo checks SOMEWHERE in my house within the next year!  Plus, I realized that I am also going to watch for a coupon and add the beautiful toile that I love so much featuring the hunter and fisherman and pastoral colors and scenes SOMEWHERE in my house as well!

I read Karianne's post and tears welled up in my eyes and emotion swept over me and I realized that this is more the attitude that we need to wear daily than the one I've been wearing.  I realized that I truly miss sharing literature and particularly Holocaust literature with students and promised myself that I would work with a teacher next year and do just that.

This morning during my coffee slurping, I saw a couple of crafts that I definitely want to tackle and pinned a few ideas for later.  The two which seem simplest and accomplishable for now are creating leather tassels and decorating beautiful eggs.

Several of the blogs I subscribe to read showed spring tablescapes and spring door decor and springing up of their homes and I realized that I never even transitioned from the Let-It-Snow decorations in January to the Valentine's decorations.  However, sometime today I'm going to search for some eggs and bunnies and spring floral sprigs and transition to hopeful spring decor.

That is how my random day has stacked up.  How about yours?

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