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Monday, March 14, 2016

Reading to Children

During Read Across America week, some of the grands were encouraged to dress like a book character.  The first graders at one of the schools were encouraged to choose a Dr. Seuss book character.  Can you tell who Lydia chose?
Maybe this will help a bit...
I think she was a dead ringer, don't you?

Another of the grands dressed like Old McDonald...

Of course you know I'm a believer in reading.  I promote it in every way I can.  I firmly believe that reading to children - children of all ages helps to make them smarter and eventually more successful in life.  So, when I am sent photos like the one below, my heart sings.
Lillie reading Mr. Brown Can Moo! is a hit with Luci.

Let me urge you to take some time to read to somebody as often as you can!