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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Good Cookie

Lydia and I baked cookies the other day.  This grandmother quickly learned just how many words the youngest granddaughter has mastered.  I was told, "I-ont cookie!"
So, we parked her in a chair to protect her from a cookie thief.
Toby - aka Cookie Thief
She enjoyed each and every morsel and didn't waste a crumb!  She might dribble a crumb in the seat of the chair, but she used those little fingers to pick it up and scarf it down.

Not that she was really still while she was nibbling her treat, but this was the most still that this little girl was for the entire visit!
She nibbled a bit and then had to store her cookie in a toy plastic bowl.  Then, she would nibble a bit more.
She sat in that chair and nibbled her cookie until that last morsel was gone!
There was plenty of chatter while she sat and ate but she sat in her chair from start till finish.
It looks like that cookie was delicious doesn't it?  I think she really enjoyed it!