If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Monday, November 9, 2015


This little cutie and her sisters spent the day with Mike and me on Saturday.
I know I'm getting older and probably not as wonderful as a grandmother for her as I was her older sister because I don't have as much energy.  She is a busy little thing, too.  She is constantly on the go.  She will just run around the kitchen island when she cannot think of something else to do!

At one point, all three of the girls were in the den with Mike watching television.  The eldest was simply vegging and watching the screen as she sprawled out her long, thin, giraffe-like self on the couch.  The middle one was puttering and playing with some toy cookware and popcorn seeds.  This little one climbed up on the couch unassisted.  Next, she threw all the throw pillows off in the floor.  Then, she hopped and jumped and bounced and wallowed all over the couch.  I heard Mike suggest that she sit down before she fell and hurt herself.  Next, I heard him ask Lillie and Lydia would they please get her to sit down before she fell and hurt herself.  Then, Mike came back into the kitchen and turned that television on and take a seat.  He said the older girls just shrugged when he asked them didn't they think she might fall and hurt herself.  He said they didn't seem to pay him much attention and he couldn't stand to watch it.  Hmm... Daddy Mike doesn't seem like such a big, old, grumbly, large-and-in-charge bear all of a sudden does he?
Luci is a biscuit-lover!

This little thing enjoyed a nibble of snack mix, a bit of Cheerios, a nibble of cheese, a nibble of ham, a couple of blueberries, and a couple of tea biscuits for lunch and was refueled and ready to run some more.

I had been told that this little mite would need a nap.  So, when she seemed to slow to a jog, I set up the portable crib in the spare bedroom and told her it was nap time.  She proceeded to tell everybody night-night and picked up her baby to follow me to the bedroom.  I kissed her and put her in the crib and covered her with a little coverlet before she began to cry.  I backed out of the room and asked the older girls if Mom usually rocked her or just put her to bed.  Very nonchalantly Lillie informed me that her mother just puts her in the bed and closes the door and lets her cry.  "She will quit in a little while." I was told.  I went to the other end of the house and told myself I would fold a load of laundry and if she hadn't stopped crying by then, I would go rock her.  Guess what, big sister was right on target.  I tiptoed in to check and she was sound asleep.

They were lots of fun and Mike and I spent most of the day laughing or looking over their heads and smiling.

I guess that is why they are called grands!