If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Random Wednesday

I needed some inspiration because our menu has fallen into a rut.  I need to cut back on the calories I'm taking in or pick up on the exercise I'm putting out.  So, I've turned the cooking channel on and let it play - hoping to do the former so I could avoid the latter.  Bobby Flay and Ina Garten and Ree Drummond have great ideas.  I'm not sure their ideas work for my kitchen all the time but they have great ideas.

For example, they featured crystallized ginger and kale and things like that.  Those things are not staples in my pantry and fridge.

So, next I turned to my cookbooks.  Kay Robertson, Ree Drummond, Paula Deen, and Betty Crocker have some great ideas.  They also have enough variety that I can pick and choose and substitute things that actually are pantry and fridge staples around here.

Then, I turned to my Pinterest Recipe Board.  It sort of seemed like everything there is pretty much a dessert.  Maybe that is why I am needing to cut back on the calories or pick up on the exercise.

Of course, when I turned to Pinterest, I also lost an hour or so to random web surfing and that is when I turned these things up:

I loved the Tips and Tricks for Easy Christmas Decor.  Who doesn't want a big holiday to be easy?  I loved that Ashley used thread spools for a garland.

Practical and pretty!  I also loved her tassel garland.  And, her number one tip is the absolute best.  Perfect advice for just about any situation!

Marian, of Miss Mustard Seed shared great thoughts in this post.  Isn't it reassuring that even the decorator gurus have something just outside their shots or that they have an everyday-in-the-kitchen look and a gussied-up-for-a-post look?

When I stumble across things about canning jars, I always give them a look because my children are all about the use of some jars.  So, when I saw 37 Magical Ways To Use Mason Jars, I gave it a look and I really like the Gratitude Jar.  What an easy way to be nice to somebody.  I also wanted to make the Mason Jar Lid Christmas Tree Wreath.  I'm going to make the Mason Jar Christmas Tree and put it somewhere in my house.  Really!  I thought the Simple Centerpieces were a fabulous idea - and who doesn't love simple?  I've seen all these recipes that are made in jars and I think I'm going to have to try one of them - maybe the one featured in this collection.  The Reindeer Mason Jar Hot Chocolate Mix and the Candy Jar struck my fancy and so did the Peppermint Pampering one.  Maybe my entire family will just get canning jar gifts for Christmas this year!  Simple.  Who doesn't love simple?

I re-visited this post and realized I still need to integrate something leopard print into my life.  Soon!

This post about Sitting On A Bench For Five Minutes made me stop and think.  Am I really paying attention to what is going on around me in life or am I just rushing through it?

Finally, I've also been thinking and lifting up prayers for the folks in Paris.  I immediately thought about my reaction when our country was attacked and thought about all those mothers who have children in Paris and thought about how I just wanted to hold my children and make sure they were safe.  There is no making sense of terrorism.  I just pray that we all can make peace with this senseless stupidity and pray that things like this can be averted in the future.