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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bedrooms, Furnishings, and Decor of the Tour Homes

I've posted that we took a tour of the local Parade of Homes and how much we all seemed to enjoy it.  In this post, I'd like to share the elements I really liked when it comes to decor and furnishings - especially those in the bedrooms (since I'm covering other areas of the homes in other posts).
I loved the French feel of this chair and ottoman.  It looks like a place I'd love to curl up with a good book and spend some 'me' time.  It also looks like a good place to spend some time with grandchildren - especially if they are as cute as this little guy.
The other side of this room had a big old king-sized bed that was painted similarly to the chair.  It had a pretty upholstered headboard on top of a board headboard that was an extended version of the foot board.  It was a pretty look and quite different.  The drapes were very neutral and almost matched the wall but had a contrasting ribbon with Greek key designed trim.  I loved the paint treatment of the tray ceiling and the light fixture was simple and pretty as well.  Maybe it was the pleasing and soothing colors of sand and blue that I strive for in my bedroom that made it all appeal to me, too.
I know this isn't a bedroom.  However, I did want to mention these bar stools.  I like the look of these basket weave stools.  I have always liked the look of this type furniture.  I wonder how it holds up?
While we are looking at bar stools.  I liked the tailored look of the slipcovers on these stools.  I think it was made of canvas like a drop cloth and the trim was simple twill tape.  It was a nice clean look, though.
The same type furniture was used in this covered porch area.  It also featured doors that would open up an entire wall.  A couple of homes had these.  It would certainly expand space when entertaining and blend indoor and outdoor spaces.  However, I wonder if the flies and bugs might not be a big problem?  I did like the use of this galvanized water tank as a coffee table, though.  Wonder whatever happened to the one we used to have for sheep?
This room was huge.  There are those accordion doors on the left.  I like this big old solid banquet table.  I love the color of it and the design of it.  I liked the soaring ceilings but know that I wouldn't want to heat or cool all that.  I also liked the benches flanking the table but don't know about their practicality.  I might like to sit closer to the table than my neighbors.  I also liked the tall candle holders and the triplicate of them.  The buffet table on the end had a French feel to it and I loved the massive lamps and arched window-type mirror on it.  It was really a beautiful and massive space that this photo doesn't really indicate.  So, while it might not be exactly my style, I do love it.
The sun glare in this photo doesn't show off the beauty of the bead board-panelled walls and glazed woodwork.  It also doesn't show off the beauty of this chair with a smooth leather seat and cowhide spotted back.  Loved it!
This upstairs seating area featured a cute bench used as a coffee table.  The cushion atop it would serve as more seating if needed.  The baskets underneath would be great for storage - games, children's toys, magazines, knitting, etc. would go well under there.  I also liked the metal table with the wood top that is on the right.  Open but also sturdy and well grounded.
This boy's bedroom was to-die-for.  The linens were fabulous.  A navy tailored bed skirt with box pleats and button details.  Notice that the covering for the round table with a glass top has the same tailored style.  The other bed linens featured whales.  The bed could have been an old flea market find that was painted bright red.  I loved the Roman shade with Greek key trim.  I loved the two-color paint striped walls.  I loved the circular rope chandelier.  (It would also look great in a cowboy room, I'll bet!)  I loved how they took the nautical theme to the utmost.  It even extended into the bathroom!
The furnishings looked sturdy but not too clunky.  I liked the striped sign above this 'chest' with the dog and oars.  I also liked that it was a metal rack with metal bins that could be labeled and a wood top.  Very industrial but serviceable piece for anybody but especially masculine looking.  Even the lamp fits just perfectly in this room.
Isn't this piece of artwork cute?  I'd love it if I could go to one of those painting with a group classes and learn to paint something like this cute pooch!
This girl's bedroom would be fabulous for any age little lady.  It was bright coral and the bed quilt matched it perfectly.  The navy print comforter and shams toned the brightness down a bit.  It also had a featured wall treatment with the paneled and painted area looking rather lattice like.  The gold light fixture was beautiful without being too prissy like a crystal chandelier would have been.  I also love the painted bedside table and the gold and white striped lamp.  Notice that items on the bedside table are corralled on a tray.
The wild paisley fabric used for shams, draperies, and a deer head on a pillow were just the touch needed to brink the colors together and add another layer of design.  I also liked that the bed skirt and the window shade seemed to be made of a rick-rack striped fabric.  While all this brilliance might not fit so well with my traditional tastes, I really do like it!
This was another bedroom that I really admired.  While I cannot say I have ever been a big lover of green in decor, I find that I'm really liking some uses of this bright green.  I've seen it used as an accent color and along with navy or black and I love the look.  I don't know if the fabrics set the tone or if the desk set the tone for this room but I really think it looks beautiful.  Using the desk as a bedside table seems practical and efficient - especially for a smaller room or a guest room.  I love the geometric bed skirt and shams and how the solid duvet cover with black accent trim tones that pattern down to make it seem like a background fabric.  There were two French looking chairs with this bold floral print upholstery and even though I cannot imagine having them in my house, I thought they were beautiful and fit this room well.  The fuzzy ottoman added a bit more eclecticism and was a bit of a spunky surprise.  I love, love the black and white striped lamps and the heavy black frame of the mirror.  The combination of the clean-lined, modern lamps alongside the heavy ornate mirror balances one another out.
The room also had a nice screen which would be good in a guest room to hold clothing, coats, and such.  My favorite feature was this tailored valence that was black and white striped and had a green monogram on it.  I absolutely loved it and want to find a way to put that in a room here in my house!
This hallway or long, narrow room area was outfitted as a craft or study area.  There was built-in cabinetry along one wall.  The little niche corner where the stairway joined this room with a hallway leading to bedrooms was outfitted as a reading nook.  I love that they painted such a classic quote from a Dr. Seuss book and a rendering of a striped hat.  The metal crates holding the picture books was cute and serviceable.  I like the little lamp mounted on the wall.  I would have loved an area like this as a kid!
The other end of this long, narrow room had cute fabric baskets on the shelving that could hold markers, paint supplies, Legos, or any number of things and still look tidy.  I also love the silhouettes, of course, and the fanciful frames really set them off!
The desk area had a chalkboard painted wall above it.  This little fellow was being creative and coloring a beautiful picture!
This boy's room was cute as well.  The linens were of patriotic colors - stripes, windowpane checks, plaid, and stars.  I liked the simplistic headboards crafted out of corrugated tin and lumber and topped by a simple wall-mounted lamp.  I also liked the huge glass urn full of baseballs.  It also had a large art piece that was a huge round metal sign in the shape of a baseball gracing one wall and a rack of beautiful bats displayed on another.  For close ups (and better photos) of those art pieces, check out Kari Anne's post over at Thistlewood Farms (because she had a chance to take a tripod and her time with photos, I'm sure!).
I don't know if it was the neutral colors or the variety of pillows, or the chest used as a bedside table, or the beautiful shape of the chest or the painting on the chest or the pop of color with the flowers or the trellis design of the drapery fabric or the tufted bench at the end of the bed.  I don't know if it was one of those things or if it was the combination of all those things, but I really thought this bedroom's furnishings and linens and decor were soothing and restful.  Maybe it was just that this might have been later in the tour, but I could have crawled right up there and taken a nap!
Even without the cute little toes squishing around on the softness of this rug, there is something about those spots and that natural hide look that appeals to me.
I've noticed that there is a popularity in decor blogs and magazines featuring a Dalmatian-type spot and cheetah-type spots in their natural and expected colors but also in unusual coloring like the blues/turquoise/tan cheetah spots of the shower curtain.
This was another of those paintings that I wish we could go to the session with a bunch of friends and learn to paint.  This guy just has so much character.  The painting was in a mud room and the expression on the giraffe's face just looks like what I might be thinking when I look down at the floors here in my house at times.  That he is holding a flower could be a peace offering or it could be a subtle way of trying so freshen it up a bit because the floor is so messy from us tracking in!  Loved it!

I truly enjoyed the home tour - and the company I kept while touring.