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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trick or Treat

At one point last night our house was full of trick-or-treaters!  It was great fun.  They were all hyped up on candy and had been dashing here and there to trick-or-treat.  It was such a raucous crowd that I forgot to take any photos!  So, I don't mind stealing from one of the mom's text messages.
This little pink poodle, the glamorous witch, and the pretty princess dropped by first.  I was informed that the 'nice witch' applied her own purple lipstick.  For the first time I thought purple lipstick was kind of pretty on a girl!

Then, right on their heels were Batman, Spiderman, a baseball player, a cowboy, and an Indian.  (Our great nephews and their cousin came by as well.)  So, after we admired their get-ups and chatted with their parents. we handed them a handful of candy, a small bag of cookies, and sent them on their way.

We are still chuckling about their visit this morning.  They were all so cute!

Halloween turned out to be a fabulous day for us.  Big win with UT Football and a game we got to watch leisurely in its entirety!  We also got photos of this guy.
Here he is watching football and getting geared up for trick-or-treating.
Look at that physique!
This Superman really does flex his muscles!

Much thanks to their parents for bringing them by or sending us photos to brighten our Halloween.